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The Next Big Thing

In Zero To One, Peter Thiel claims that the next Facebook won’t be a social network. I think the next big thing won’t even be a company. We’re constantly thinking about companies, about profit. Well guess what, I’m tired of profit. We don’t need more money. Individuals do not need a lot of money. We don’t need most of the stuff we consume. It’s a system that feeds itself. We use advertising to make people desire things, so that we can do a wealth transfer between individuals. People do not actually want those things, you are tricking them into wanting it. Ok, so fuck companies. It’s all rotten.

What’s next? Something that isn’t a company. Is it a non-profit? Perhaps, but not the kind of non-profit we see today. I think something in between. Non-profits that sell things and generate revenue, but that don’t make any profit. Now that’s interesting.

I need to work out. Later.