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Half way

Earlier I haven’t been able to produce much. Or… I’ve produced a lot, but I haven’t really finished anything. I’ve seen this as a flaw. It annoys me that my projects never get anywhere. I’d try to write, create music, design something, come up with novel products. So many ideas that never amount to anything fully tangible. But! I just had an idea. The piano does that to you.
What if I am looking at it entirely wrong? What if my role isn’t to finish things, but just come up with lots of random stuff? It doesn’t need to be polished. I just need to think the thought, to sketch it out, show it to other people, and they can take it from there. Thing is, this didn’t work for me before, because I had to earn money, and giving away your ideas for free won’t earn you anything. My new model for life is that I don’t think about money; I just work, and (enough) money will appear.
So in practical terms, what does this mean? It means that I will have to publish all the stuff I produce. If I create a new melody, publish that son of a gun. A new idea? Put it on the microblog. You see, I’ve been to vain. I’ve been caring too much about what other people think of me, through their opinions of what I make. That’s vanity. I will improve, through publishing everything I create, near moment of inception.